Violence During Muharram Procession In Outer Delhi


The Islamic month of Muharram holds immense religious and cultural significance for Muslims around the world. It commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his followers in the Battle of Karbala. The month is marked by various processions and rituals held in memory of these historical events. However, in recent times, certain regions have witnessed incidents of violence related to the routes of Muharram processions. This article delves into the complexities surrounding this issue and explores ways to promote peace during these religious observances.

NEW DELHI Violence broke out in west Delhi’s Nangloi during the Muharram processions on Saturday after one group was stopped from swinging from the designated route, police said.

The angry marchers went on a rage and vandalised public and private vehicles besides policecars. At least a dozen people, including police labor force. Injured in Nangloi after some people part of a Muharram procession dashed monuments on being stopped.


Incidents of Violence over Muharram Route:

Examples from Different Regions:

In certain regions, conflicts have arisen between different religious and ethnic groups over the routes of Muharram processions. Clashes and confrontations have occurred due to disputes regarding the timing, location, or order of the processions. These incidents have resulted in injuries, property damage, and, in extreme cases, loss of life.

Root Causes and Triggers:

The root causes of violence over Muharram routes are complex and multifaceted. They often involve historical grievances, political rivalries, and social tensions between different communities. In some instances, the actions of a few individuals have sparked widespread unrest, leading to communal violence.

At least a dozen people, including police labor force, were injured at Nangloi in external Delhi after some people. Who were allegedly part of a Muharram procession dashed monuments. On being stopped from swinging from the route specified for them. Police officers apprehensive of the incident said on Saturday.

Police said the incident passed at around5.30 pm on the main Rohtak Road near Maharaja Surajmal Stadium. And some vehicles, including police vans and Delhi Transport Corporation( DTC) motorcars, were also damaged. They said they resorted to a mild lathicharge to disperse the mob and bring the situation under control.


Purported vids of the incident were participated on social media, but HT was unfit to singly corroborate their authenticity.

Giving details of the incident, deputy manager of police( external) Harendra Kumar Singh said around 10,000 people, who were part of multiple Muharram processions were peacefully carrying out their processions on routes mutually decided upon in collaboration meetings with the police ahead of the religious day.

still, said Singh, some people belonging to one procession came unruly, and at around5.30 pm, tried to diverge from the route and tried to enter Maharaja Surajmal Stadium. When they were stopped, they began casting monuments at the police and levies present at the spot, the DCP said.


“ To insure the safety and security of passersby on the road, the unruly mob was dispersed by police with mild use of force, and order was restored incontinently. The Tazia processions were latterly peacefully conducted in the area as per customs and religious practices, ” said Singh.

Six police labor force and six levies, including five women, sustained minor injuries while containing the situation, officers said.

After the incident, hundreds of police labor force were stationed in and around the spot to maintain law and order and to insure that no farther untoward incident took place, and to insure that the incident didn’t balloon into collaborative violence, elderly police officers said.

The Delhi Police top brass, including special officers of police( law and order) Sagar Preet Hooda and Deependra Pathak and common manager of police( western range) Chinmoy Biswal, accompanied by some DCPs, remained present in the area till late night and carried out a bottom march as part of their area dominance strategy.

“ The situation is presently under control but we’re keeping a close surveillance. Those involved in the violence will be linked and dealt with as per law. Whether the violence was planned will also be part of our inquiry, ” said a elderly police officer, who asked not to be named.



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