Hyundai EXTER-Think outside. Think EXTER, Price 2023, Images, Colours SUV


Hyundai EXTER embodies outdoor, travel, and leisure. This all-new SUV draws inspiration from the natural world surrounding it and reflects an outward-focused identity. Hyundai EXTER designers have created it to showcase a modern interpretation of the Hyundai SUV lifestyle. Stylish exteriors, stunning interiors Hyundai EXTER has been designed to present a modern take on the … Read more

Chandrayaan-3 Launch Date , Time-Place & Video


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is all set to launch Chandrayaan-3, the highly anticipated lunar mission that aims to continue India’s exploration of the moon. Building upon the successes and lessons learned from the previous Chandrayaan missions, Chandrayaan-3 is poised to further expand our knowledge and understanding of Earth’s natural satellite. In this article, … Read more

Delhi Flood : Yamuna’s water reached the Ring Road, many areas on the banks of the Yamuna were submerged!

Delhi Flood

Introduction The water level of the Yamuna River is rising rapidly. Delhi Flood leading to severe flooding in Delhi, causing significant concern. The situation has escalated to the extent that the floodwaters have now reached the Ring Road. Avital transportation route in the city. As a result, numerous areas situated along the riverbanks have become … Read more

Fcs UP Gov In : यूपी खाद्य एवं रसद पोर्टल पर Ration Card Apply / Status / List कैसे देखें? [Step By Step]

Fcs UP Gov In

नमस्ते दोस्तों! आज के इस ब्लॉग में हम बात करेंगे Fcs UP Gov In के बारे में। यदि आप उत्तर प्रदेश, भारत में एक राज्य सरकारी शिक्षा संस्थान में नई यात्रा पूरी करने की सोच रहे हैं, तो एफसीएस यूपी सरकार आपके लिए एक बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण विकल्प हो सकता है। एफसीएस यूपी सरकार क्या … Read more

Cheapest iPhone in India ,Tata iPhone launch date ,Tata iPhone price

Cheapest iPhone

In India, there are several options available for those seeking the cheapest iPhone deals. With the growing demand for Apple products in the country, various retailers and e-commerce platforms offer competitive prices and attractive offers on iPhones. Customers can find affordable deals on older iPhone models like the iPhone SE or the iPhone 11, which … Read more

France’s President Emmanuel Macron weakened by crisis over teen killed by police

France's President Emmanuel Macron

France’s President Emmanuel Macron finds himself in a precarious position as his leadership is challenged by the crisis surrounding the tragic death of a teenager at the hands of the police. The incident has sparked widespread protests, social unrest, and a growing sense of disillusionment among the populace. Macron’s administration faces criticism for its handling … Read more

Celebrating the Legendary MS Dhoni’s Birthday: A Journey Through His Remarkable Career

Today, we celebrate the birthday of the legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni’s birthday, fondly known as “Captain Cool.” Dhoni, born on July 7th, has left an indelible mark on the world of cricket and has become an icon for aspiring cricketers around the globe. As we commemorate this special day, it’s essential to reflect on Dhoni’s … Read more

Chandrayaan-3: Unlocking the Secrets of the Moon’s Mysteries

Chandrayaan-3 the ambitious lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), represents India’s unwavering commitment to space exploration. Introduction The Chandrayaan mission series has been instrumental in unraveling the celestial secrets of our closest celestial neighbor Chandrayaan-3: India’s Third Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-3, the third lunar mission by India, aims to build upon the … Read more

The SAFF Asian Football Championship

SAFF Champions INDIA

Introduction The SAFF Asian Football Championship, also known as the South Asian Football Federation Championship, is a biennial international football tournament held among the countries of South Asia. It is a highly anticipated event that showcases the passion and talent of football players from the region. In this article, we will delve into the history, … Read more