Chandrayaan-3 successfully inserted into lunar orbit, says ISRO


India’s third lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 successfully entered the orbit of the moon on Saturday after traversing for over 300,000 km in three weeks in deep space following a precise course meticulously charted by the Indian Space Research Organisation. Exploring the Lunar Frontier: India’s Chandrayaan-3 Lunar Mission India’s space exploration efforts have reached new heights with … Read more

क्यों हुई नूंह हिंसा? हिंसा का कहां-कहां हुआ असर…


नूंह हिंसा का कारण: नूंह में सोमवार को हुई हिंसा में दो होमगार्ड की मौत हो गई है. वहीं 200 से ज्यादा लोग गंभीर तौर पर घायल हैं. आखिर हिंसा क्यों हुई और पूरा मामला क्या है. आइये जानते हैं…. हरियाणा में नूंह हिंसा: हिंदुओं और मुसलमानों के बीच हिंसा से बड़े पैमाने पर क्षति … Read more

Violence During Muharram Procession In Outer Delhi


Introduction The Islamic month of Muharram holds immense religious and cultural significance for Muslims around the world. It commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his followers in the Battle of Karbala. The month is marked by various processions and rituals held in memory of these historical events. However, in … Read more

Single-Use Plastic Ban: A Sustainable Solution for a Greener Tomorrow


Introduction Observing that single-use plastic items incarnate the alarmingly rising throwaway culture in our society, the Rajasthan High Court has held that ‘plastic coated with paper’ will come within the ambit of notification banning single-use plastic items under Plastic Waste Management Rules of 2016. The ‘plastic laminated paper’ is used as raw material for laminated … Read more

The Uniform Civil Code in India: A Step Towards Equality and Secularism

Civil Code

India aims to formulate and implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), a significant proposal that intends to apply personal laws uniformly to all citizens, irrespective of their religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Currently, religious scriptures of various communities govern personal laws, resulting in different legal norms for different religious groups. India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party … Read more

5% तक की वृद्धि कर सकते हैं दूध के दाम: कैसे और क्यों?


संवेदनशीलता से भरा एक शाकाहारी उत्पाद दूध, एक संपूर्ण पोषण भण्डार, इंसानों के लिए अधिकतम गुणवत्ता का स्रोत है। यह शाकाहारी उत्पाद है जो पूरे विश्व में लोगों के द्वारा उपभोग किया जाता है। दूध में प्रोटीन, कैल्शियम, विटामिन डी, और अन्य पोषक तत्व प्रचुर मात्रा में होते हैं, जो हमारे शरीर के सामान्य विकास … Read more

Opposition Meeting In Bengaluru: Seat sharing, name and common programme on agenda today Opposition Meeting In Bengaluru


Live updates on Bengaluru Opposition Meet (July 18). Today, the Opposition will hold a crucial meeting to discuss and decide on giving the proposed anti-BJP grouping a name, structure. And a common agenda and campaign program. They will also work on devising a roadmap for seat-sharing chairman. Congress chairman Mallikarjun Kharge has read out the … Read more